EWMA Conference 2018

Advanced Therapies in Wound Management

With this initiative EWMA will investigate the barriers and possibilities of advanced therapies  in the next generation wound management.

The primary deliverable will be a document including an introduction to the available technologies based on cellular therapies, tissue engineering and tissue substitutes, which are all technologies associated with the clinical discipline of regenerative medicine. The document will also describe new treatments based on physical therapies and the potential of sensors and software.


The overall aims of the document are to:

  • Provide health care professionals who are interested in investigating new treatment options with an neutral and exhaustive source of information.
  • Provide a point of referral for future discussions and negotiations with health care providers and payers.


The objectives of the document are to:

  • Provide an overview of the opportunities in this multi-faceted  and complex field;
  • Review and discuss clinical experiences and the scientific evidence where this is available;
  • Provide recommendations for the adoption of advanced therapies in the different areas of wound management;
  • Analyse and debate cost-effectiveness issues related to the included therapies;
  • Discuss  the role of policymakers, payers and legislators regarding the regulatory framework for Advanced Therapies in Europe.

Due to the general lack of scientific documentation of many of these emerging therapies, the document will be based on the available literature as well as expert opinions. It will include an evaluation of the po-tentials for future use in clinical practice and call for research in recommended areas.


Editor: Alberto Piaggesi (Italy, University of Pisa, EWMA Executive Committee member)
Co-editor: Severin Läuchli (Switzerland, University Hospital, Zürich, EWMA President)

Author group members:

Franco Bassetto (Italy, University of Padova)
Alexandra P. Marques (Portugal, 3B’s Research Group)
Bijan Najafi (US, Baylor College of Medicine)
Thomas Biedermann (Switzerland, Kinderspital Zürich)
Giuseppe Turchetti (Italy, Scula Superiore Sant'Anna


  • Project start up primo 2017.
  • Project introduction in a Key Sessions at the EWMA 2017 Conference in in  Amsterdam.
  • Expected publication: Spring 2018, with official launch at the EWMA 2018 Conference in Poland.



Project sponsors

This project is supported by an unrestricted grant from: