EWMA Conference 2019

Welcome to EWMA 2019

EWMA 2019 will bring together speakers and experts to share their knowledge, experience and expertise through a series of scientific presentations. The theme of this years conference is: Person-centred Wound Care: Who is in Charge of the Wound. 

We look forward to welcoming you to three exciting conference days!



EWMA 2019 Key Session: Patient Involvement & Patient Safety by Sebastian Probst

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EWMA 2019 Key Session: Catastrophe and War Wound by Jan Stryja

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EWMA 2019 Workshop: Managing Wounds after Discharge - Case Studies Discussion by Magdalena Gershater

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EWMA 2019 Workshop: How to Read a Paper by Georgina Gethin

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EWMA 2019 Key Session: Economy of Wound Management by Alberto Piaggesi

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