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National Association of Tissue Viability Nurses Scotland

Original Name:

National Association of Tissue Viability Nurses Scotland



Contact info and web site:

Contact person: Connie Traynor

BMI Ross Hall Hospital
221 Crookston Road
Glasgow G52 3NQ

Website: www.tissueviabilityscotland.org

Name of President:

Connie Traynor

Executive Board/Council:

Chair: Connie Traynor
Vice Chair Person: Ruth Ropper
Secretary: Lynn Coyne

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Connie Traynor

No. of Members:


Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

  • To develop, implement and evaluate National policies and guidelines linking to Government Initiatives on Tissue Viability
  • To promote Best Practice in Tissue Viability through evidence-based research
  • To help promote specialist services supported by suitably qualified practitioners, (some of whom may be referred to as tissue viability nurses or by another name such as clinical nurse specialist, or higher level practitioner) who will provide patient-centred care.
  • To liaise and inform on significant international, national or local issues/events.
  • To provide a forum to advance the education of the group who are involved in the care and treatment of patients with tissue viability needs through discussion, debate and the dissemination of current research.
  • To liaise and inform on significant international, national or local issues/events.



Education Contact:

Alison Johnstone


  • Annual General meeting May 2013
  • Group meets 4 times per year
  • New web-site for NATVNS
  • National programme in conjunction with Scottish Patient Safety Index (SPSI) on Zero Tolerance of Healthcare Acquired Pressure Damage
  • Best practice statement for prevention of Pressure Ulcers in conjunction with (QIS) Updated 2010
  • Interactive education package on-line - www.healthimprovementscotland.org
  • Validated documentation
  • Excoriation tool
  • Adapted EPUAP grading tool for pressure ulcers
  • Patient information leaflet for pressure ulcers
  • Safety cross tool for collecting incidence data
  • SSKIN care bundle
  • Scottish Wound Assessment and Action Guide(SWAAG)
  • Skin tear Best Practice Statement
  • Wound cleansing guideline ( awaiting ratification)
  • Annual General meeting May 2016. In conjunction with Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) Best Practice Standard for prevention of pressure ulcers (for completion 2016)