EWMA Conference 2018

Result of the 2017 Council election

Result of the 2017 election for the EWMA Council

This year there was a very high number of vacancies in the EWMA Council. For this reason the number of candidates for EWMA Council election did not exceed the number of vacancies.

Individual Election:

  • Edward Jude, UK [Re-Election]
  • Samantha Holloway, UK
  • Alberto Piaggesi, Italy , [Re-Election]
  • Jan Stryja, CZ, [Re-Election]
  • Luc Teot, France
  • Evelien Touriany, Belgium

Cooperating Organisations Election:

  • Pedro Pancorbo-Hidalgo (GNEAUPP, Spain)
  • Massimo Rivolo (AiSLEC, Italy)

EWMA is looking forward to starting the collaboration with our new council members!