EWMA Conference 2018






Barbara den Boogert-Ruimschotel

Council member

Tissue Viability Nurse

Birth date: 12. December 1954

Current position:
Tissue Viability Nurse, Reinier de Graaf Hospital


Work experience:

  • 2005 - present Tissue viability nurse Reinier de Graaf Hospital
  • 1998-2005 IJsselland hospital as a tissue viability nurse
  • 1978-1998 Intensive care Department Erasmus university Medical Centre for mechanical  ventilation and internal decease
  • 1974-1978 Work experience in training periods in various hospital departments
  • The Erasmus Mc-Training for two-year pressure sore, and wound consultant
  • Erasmus MC diploma December 2007 Nursing diploma complete in 1978, at the Erasmus MC
  • Bundled intensive care training diploma obtained in 1979, at the Erasmus MC
  • Proof of participation in various training sessions and conferences
  • Continued course communication – technology diploma son-N.L.P.
  • Training Utercht, 1994
  • Certificate 2-year-old training School, the pastoral direction catechesis with youth and adolescents, 1997
  • High School 1974

Secondary activities:

  • Board member of the V&VN,
  • Tissue viability national association
  • To teach students;

1. in pressure sore, within the framework of the wound course WCS
2. in pressure sore extra, a course of two days, within the framework of the wound course, WCS
3. in pressure sore and wound care for registered nurses

  • Actively involved in the organization of symposia in the area ofwound care
  • Member of region consultation for wound consultants
  • From 2010 to 2012 I was a board member of the EWMA
  • From 2010 I was a member of the Wound Platform
  • Since 2014 I take a seat on this organization on behalf of the EWMA