EWMA Conference 2019

National Public Awareness Events

Public Awareness Event in Berlin, May 2016

In the wake of the EWMA 2016 conference in Bremen, EWMA organised, in collaboration with the German Chronic Wounds Initiative, Initiative Chronische Wunden (ICW), the German-Austrian-Swiss wound care umbrella organisation WundD.A.CH, and the German Wound Council (DWR) a breakfast meeting on the 10 May for specially invited German members of Parliament and health care decision-makers in Berlin.

The purpose was to create awareness amongst policy and health care decision-makers about the challenges of wound care with the theme “Health Care in times of demographic changes”.The meeting in Berlin was the first experience of that kind made by EWMA. However, it follows in a tradition of engaging in meeting with members of the European Parliament and national health care decision-makers in a number of European countries during recent years.

Future Events

EWMA will continue to engage in such debates in future years with the purpose of raising the awareness of policy and decision-makers about wound care.

A similar event is currently being planned to take place in connection with the 2019 EWMA conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.