EWMA Conference 2018

Conference & Event Calendar



AAWC Annual Pressure Ulcer Summit (Association for the Advancement of Wound Care)

9 - 10 February, Atlanta, United States

The AAWC Pressure Ulcer Summit brings together an international forum of leaders in wound care and pressure ulcer prevention and management to present the latest research in the field with an emphasis on clinical implementation.


Theme Day by DSFS (Danish Wound Healing Society)

March 9th, Ringsted, Denmark

The theme of the day is "Acute wounds - and the treatment hereof"


3rd Nordic Dermascopy Course

5-6 April, Gothenburg, Sweden

Annual conference of the Lithauanian Wound Management Association

April 20, Marijampole Regional Hospital, Lithauania

Annual conference of the Tissue Viability Society

April 25-26, Newcastle, United Kingdom

The Conference agenda covers all areas of tissue viability including politics, research & innovation, leadership, clinical practice and multidisciplinary working

26th Journée de formation/educational day of SAfW Romande

April 26, Lausanne, Switzerland

The theme of the day: Debridement - from visible to invisible

The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring | Wound Healing Society meeting (SAWC Spring | WHS)

April 25-29, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Emerging therapies in chronic wound care and prevention


15th spring symposium of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV)

3 - 6 May, Budva, Montenegro

The conference covers a wide area of topics, including quality and organisation of work, but also the social and economic interests of Dermato-Venereology in Europe

EWMA 2018

9-11 May, Krakow, Poland

The 28th conference of the European Wound Management Association.
The conference theme is: New Frontiers in Wound Management

Wounds Canada spring conference

11-12 May, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

17th Malvern Diabetic Foot Conference

16 - 18 May, Worcestershire, UK

This three day conference is designed to bring together physicians, surgeons, podiatrists, orthotists and nursing staff with a common interest in diabetic foot problems

12th symposium of the National Advisory Group for the Study of Pressure Ulcers and Chronic Wounds (GNEAUPP)

16 - 18 May, Valencia, Spain

EPUAP Focus Meeting

21 - 23 May, Turku, Finland

The theme of the conference is: The Pressure Ulcers in Critically Ill Paediatric and Adult Populations: Science and Practice United

Pressure Ulcers Summit

May 22, Birmingham, UK

This summit aims to bring together tissue viability, wound care leads and senior nurses to discuss the important issue of eliminating avoidable pressure ulcers. Chaired by Tina Chambers, Immediate past Chair, Tissue Viability Society

Podiatric Medical Seminar

24-26 May, Florence, Italy


8th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference

6-9 June, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Hosted by the International Lymphoedema Framework and NLNet


Annual conference by the Austrian Wound Association

14-15 September, Salzburg, Austria

The theme of the conference is: 'Wound'erland Austria - reinterpreting the old, examining the new

The 18th annual leg club conference

26 - 27 September, Worcester, UK

The Challenge of Improving Practice in Wound Management