EWMA Conference 2019


ELCOS Sociedade de Feridas

Original Name:

ELCOS Sociedade de Feridas



Name of President:

Katia Furtado

Executive Board/Council:


Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Tânia Santos

Articles in EWMA Journal:

No. of Members:


Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

Protect and promote quality of life and health of patients with wounds, through education of health professionals e caregivers, permanent research, in order to find solutions based on evidence that constitute a referential in practice, teaching and research.



Education Contact:

Katia Furtado: kaxfurtado@gmail.com


Annual Iberic meeting (Fórum Ibérico)
Annual Diabetes Iberic meeting (Simpósio Ibérico da Diabetes)
Wound Management Basic Course (as requested by institutions)
Wound Management Advanced Course (as requested by institutions)
Stop Pressure Ulcers International Day workshops
Pressure Ulcer workshops
Leg Ulcer workshops
Diabetic Foot workshops

Post-Graduated Studies in Wound Management in partnership with Universities: Évora University
Minho University
Leiria University
Castelo Branco University
Coimbra University
Madeira University
Web Site: www.sociedadeferidas.pt
Facebook institutional page: www.facebook.com/pages/Elcos/130030350385833