EWMA Conference 2019

AMP Romania

Wound Management Association Romania

Original Name:

Asociaţia pentru Managementul Plăgilor- România



Contact info and web site:

Name of President:

Ana-Maria Iuonut (2012-2014)

Executive Board/Council:

Beuran Mircea- honorary president
Iuonut Ana-Maria- executive president
Farcas Ileana – vice president         
Stoasa Elena-Magdalena- secretary

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Ana-Maria Iuonut - executive president

Articles in EWMA Journal:

No. of Members:


Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

To promote the principles, standards, procedures and new methods used at international level in wound care and prophylaxis, to ensure an efficient communication among all contributors to health care system.



Education Contact:

Ana-Maria Iuonut - executive president


Annual conference- 1st will be in October 2013.

Specific trainings:
“Using modern dressings in hard-to-heal wounds”- Timisoara 25-26 october 2012
“Wound bed preparation”- Bucuresti 9-10 november 2012
“Using modern dressings in hard-to-heal wounds”- Targu-Mures 22-23 march 2013
“Wound bed preparation”- Timisoara 12-13 april 2013
„Current methods for wound debridement”- Cluj-Napoca 14-16 march 2013
Translation of EPUAP Guidelines (partial ready- Prevention)