EWMA Conference 2017


Wound Management Association Slovenia 

Original Name:

Wound Management Association of Slovenia (WMAS)

Zdruzenje za oskrbo ran Slovenije (DORS)



Contact info and web site:

Website: www.dors.si

Name of President:

Tanja Planinsek Rucigaj

Executive Board/Council:

Vice president Ciril Triler, surgeon
Vice president Amadej Lah, surgeon
Treasurer Branka Kokalj, nurse
Secretary Blanka  Adrensek, nurse

Cooperating Organisation board representative:

Sandi Luft MD

No. of Members:


Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

Active cooperation with health care institutions, Ministry of Health, Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, wound care organizations and other associated institutions in our country and abroad.

Organisation of lectures, workshops, conferences and other expert meetings.

Development and dissemination of guidelines and uniform methodology concept in wound treatment and care.



Education Contact:

Mrs. Mojca Bajc: bajecmojca@gmail.com


EWMA Leg Ulcer Project: Developing an Educational framework for health care professionals. Activities start May 08.

3.- 4. October: Two-day seminar: Supportive Measures and Procedures in Wound Healing