EWMA Conference 2018

EWMA Presidency Objectives (2015-2017)

By Severin Läuchli

EWMA has a  broad scope of activities, some of which have been evolving over many years and must be continued and developed during the coming years. The focus of my presidency for the next two years will be to:

1.  Actively support that the highest possible scientific standards prevail through all EWMA activities    and are ultimately applied in wound care.


Careful  selection of speakers and authors based on their scientific and educational merits,
Choice of topics for conferences and documents based on the current needs identified by the wound care community,
Maximisation of the impact of key sessions during and after the conferences,
Active promotion of the advances in wound care.

2. Advocate that multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for wound care.


Raising awareness of the current challenges in wound care and of the benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration with regards to solving some of these challenges,
Improve training of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in wound care and implement standardised curricula,Lobbying in countries where modern principles of wound care are not readily accepted, Promoting collaboration between the different groups of health care professionals, industry, payers and decision-makers involved in wound care.

3. Put the patient first in all activities developed around wound care.


Raising awareness about patients’ rights, promoting a holistic approach to the person suffering from chronic wounds, by considering the patient as a whole individual with cultural and social characteristics, as well as  needs and rights, anchoring the right to prevention and modern wound care in health care systems across Europe.

4. Secure international collaboration and strengthen EWMA’s role as a leading organisation in wound care.


Collaborating on the development and sharing of standards for endorsements, certifi-cations and curricula, Supporting modern wound care in limited resource countries.