EWMA Conference 2017

EWMA Education Committee

EWMA has been focusing on education since the initiation of the Educational Development Project in October 2000.

The aims of the committee are to produce a flexible framework for the delivery of interdisciplinary wound management education across Europe, to accommodate national variations in health care provision and to raise the profile of wound care in a variety of health care settings.

The activities within education are coordinated by the EWMA Education Committee.


  • Luc Gryson, Belgium (Chair)
  • Paulo Alves, Portugal
  • Barbara den Boogert-Ruimschotel, The Netherlands
  • Samantha Holloway, United Kingdom
  • Dubravko Huljev, Croatia
  • Edda Johansen, Norway
  • Edward Jude, United Kingdom
  • Martin Koschnick, Germany
  • Christian Münter, Germany
  • Andrea Pokorná, Czech Republic
  • Jürg Traber, Switzerland

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