EWMA Conference 2018


Selcuk Baktiroglu

Council member:

Current Possition: Peripheral vascular surgeon.

Grauated from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 1976.

Became a General Surgeon in 1981.

After spending 20 months in the army as a general surgeon, began working as a chief resident in the Peripheral Vascular Surgery Unit of the General Surgery Department of Istanbul Medical Faculty.Became an Assistant Professor in 1985,and Professor in 1991. Mainly working as a peripheral vascular surgeon.

Main topics of interests; Diabetic Foot,Hemodialysis Vascular Access, Chronic Wounds.
-We are running a diabetic foot clinic for more than 30 years in the Gen. Surg. Dept. of Istanbul Medical Faculty.
- Board member of Vascular Access Society between 2003-2015.I organized 2011 VAS Congress in Istanbul as a president,and two VAS courses in 2003 and 2014 in Antalya.
- Currently the president of Chronic Wound Council of Istanbul Med. Faculty which we are running for 10 years.
- Board member of Turkish Wound Care Society, actively take part in congresses being held every year and was the president and the organizer of 2007 congress.We organize at least 5-6 meetings and courses a year on chronic wounds and diabetic foot for doctors, nurses etc.

Education and/or academic degrees:
MD, University of Turku, 1997
PhD, University of Turku, 1998
Specialist in Dermatology and Allergology 2010, University of Helsinki

Previous positions:
1993 Research assistant, Laboratory of Biotechnology, University of Turku
1994-1997 Research assistant, Department of Dermatology, University of Turku
1997 General Practician, Pöytyä Health Centre
1998 Researcher, Department of Dermatology, University of Turku
1998 Assistant doctor, Department of Internal Medicine, Vakka-Suomi Hospital
1998 Assistant doctor, Department of Dermatology, Turku University Central Hospital
1999 Assistant doctor, Skin and Allergy Hospital, Helsinki
2000 General Practician, Espoonlahti Health Centre
2001 Assistant Doctor, Rheumatism Foundation Hospital
2001-2002 Principal Investigator, University of Tampere
2003-2010 Resident in dermatology, Skin and Allergy Hospital, Helsinki
2011 -> Specialist in dermatology, Helsinki University Central Hospital, Skin and Allergy Hospital

Experience of clinical studies:

2001-2002 Principal Investigator in Espoo, rotavirus and influenzavirus vaccine studies (University of Tampere). During that period many courses concerning GCP.
2011-2012 Investigator in studying the effect of cis-urocanic acid in atopic eczema, multi-centre phase II study, Biocis Pharma

Membership of learned societies/associations:
Finnish Wound Management Association
Finnish Medical Association
Finnish Dermatological Society

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