EWMA Conference 2019


Salla Seppänen

EWMA Immediate Past President
MNSc, Specialised in Surgical-Medical Nursing, RN

Birth date: 28 December 1964


Current position:
Senior Lecturer
Department of Health Care
Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences

Academic education & Training
RN 1986
Specialised Nurse in Surgical-Medical Nursing 1988
Master in Nursing Science 1996
Doctoral candidate in University of Eastern Finland

Previous employments and professional experience

In clinical practice in surgical, paediatric, ophthalmologic and pulmonary diseases wards, and in home care unit.
In Nursing education since 1991 in Oulainen College of Nursing Oulu University of Applied Sciences and in Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences in  different posts: lecturer, practical supervisor, co-ordinator of international relations, project manager, principal lecturer, head of degree programme of nursing education in English, head of the health department (2006-2011). Addition several periods in teacher’s exchange in UK, German, Sweden and Hungary.

Teaching in wound management:
-in 1999 developed the first specialisation studies in wound management (30 ECTS) in Finland and implemented education in two universities in Finland. The studies are still offered in two universities of applied sciences in Finland (Mikkeli and Oulu).

International co-operation and project management skill:
Co-ordinator of Leonardo da Vinci programme:

  • Pilot project: Community Care – Developing an International Degree  programme for Nurse Education, (1995-1998)
  • Student mobility: FENCE- Finland, England and the Netherlands Community Care Education (1996-1998)
  • Experts exchange: Expertise in Community Care (1997-1998)
  • Transnational pilot project: Community Care Education in Europe- Toward shared understanding (1999-2001) www.oamk.fi/activeoldage
  • Student mobility: Learning Community Care in Practice.(1999-2001)
  • Transnational network project. TAOA - Toward Active Old Age (2001-2004)www.oamk.fi/activeoldage
  • National disseminating project: Vakka verkostoon – Vanhustyön koulutuksen kehittäminen ja arviointi (2005-2006). www.oamk.fi/aktiivinenvanhuus
  • Project group member in Leonardo da Vinci transnational pilot project nEUroBlend – European competence based blended learning framework for lifelong vocational training of neuroscience nurses (2005-2007), co-ordinated by University Hospital in Nijmegen NL.

Russian co-operation: Since 2007 co-operation with St Petersburg Post Graduate School of Nursing: educational study visits in Finland of wound management and infection controlling for Russian head nurses and MD. Lecturing of wound care in seminars and conferences in St Petersburg and also in national Russian Conference for Health Professionals 2010 in Ekaterinaburg.

Other competences in development and research activities:

  • Suomen Haavanhoitoyhdistys ry:n / FWCS Tissue Viability Accreditation working group, chair 2002-2003
  • National research of FWCS: Seppänen, Salla & Iivanainen, Ansa. Haavahoitaja 2000. (Tissue Viability Nurses in Finland) Suomen Haavanhoitoyhdistys ry:n Julkaisusarja No1. Painoykkönen. Oulainen.
  • Seppänen, Salla, Hjerppe Anna. Haavahoitotuotteiden saatavuus Suomessa 2006-2007. ( Availability of  wound management products in Finland.)Suomen haavanhoitoyhdistys ry. Painoykkönen. Oulainen.
  • Hjerppe, Anna, Seppänen, Salla, Huhtala,  Heini, Paananen, Sirpa, Kavola Heli. Kroonista haavaa sairastava potilas kotisairaanhoidossa 2011. The patient with chronic wound in home care in year 2011  – National study. ( not yet published).

Conference organising:

  • Organising committee in European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Conference (EPUAP) 2003 in Tampere
  • Organising committee in Annual European Wound Management Conference (EWMA) 2009in Helsinki


  • Member of FWCS since 1997, president 2002-2008, honoured president 2011->
  • Member of European Wound Care Association 10 years, the member of EWMA council in years 2003-2004 and 2006-2009 presenting the co-operative organisations and the year 2011
  • Members of Finnish DESG (Diabetes Study Group ) since 1999, board member 2000-2001 and  2005- 2008, vice president 2006-2007.
  • EPUAP ( European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) member 2001– 2008
  • EWMA Journal referee 2006->- and member of editorial board 2011- >
  • Journal of Wound Care referee and member of the editorial panelgroup 2000 – 2012
  • Coherence Group of Wound Care member 2000->
  • Finnish Federation of Nurses, member since 1986->
  • Finnish Socrates Advisory Panel 2001 – 2006.
  • Board member in JBI Finnish Co-operation Center 2010->


List of publications