EWMA Conference 2019


Mark Collier

Council member

Date of Birth: 26 December 1954


Professional Qualifications:

ENG (1979), RGN (1982), ONC (1984), RCNT (1988), RNT (1992),
BA (Hon's) - (1992), Independent/Supplementary Nurse Prescribing – V300 (2003)

Current position:

Lead Nurse / Consultant - Tissue Viability, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, c/o Pilgrim Hospital, Sibsey Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 9QS,

Professional Education:

1977-1979       Enrolled Nurse (General), Shropshire School of Nurse Education

1980-1982       Registered General Nurse, Shropshire School of Nurse Education

1984-1985       Orthopaedic Nursing Certificate, Shropshire School of Nurse Education

1987-1988       Clinical Teacher's Course, John Moore's University - Liverpool

1990-1992       Bachelor of Arts(Honours Degree) with Nurse Education incorporating the RNT certificate

                        University of Portsmouth

2002-2003       Extended Prescribing for Nurses (EPN-B73), University of Nottingham

2007                Advanced Course in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics – London School of hygine                          and Tropical Medicine

Special Interest Areas:

  • Tissue Viability - preventative and treatment aspects        
  • Biological Sciences
  • Trauma and Elective Orthopaedics   
  • Educational and Professional Issues   
  • Research      

Membership of professional Organisations (current):

1977                Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

1982                Tissue Viability Society (TVS)

1986                Wound Care Society (founder member) (WCS)

1991                European Wound Management Association (EWMA)

1996                Leg Ulcer Forum –United Kingdom (LUF)

1997                European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP)

Previous Employments and relevant Professional Experience:

11th March 1974  Commenced employment within the National Health Service

1974 – 1977    Plaster (POP) Technician at Whiston Hospital, Merseyside

1979 - 1980     Enrolled Nurse - Theatre Suite Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH)

1982 - 1985     Staff Nurse - Orthopaedics, Accident and Emergency & Nights (included Paediatric experience) Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

1985 - 1987     Charge Nurse – Orthopaedics, Kettering General Hospital

1987 – 1988    Clinical Nurse Teacher - General, Orthopaedics Northamptonshire School of Nursing (Kettering Hospital base)

1988 - 1992    Specialist Orthopaedic Tutor to ENB 219 Courses at the School of                                   Nursing,  RNOH, Stanmore, Middlesex, affiliated with the Bloomsbury College of Health Studies 

1988 - 1994    Charge Nurse (Casual) Wembley Stadium, Middlesex -      

1992 - 1993    Nurse Tutor - P2K and Post Basic Education (TissueViability) School of Nursing, Royal Free Hospital, London, affiliated with the North London Colllege of Health Studies

1993 - 1997    Nurse Consultant - Tissue Viability, Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge - related clinical, educational and research activities

1994 – 2000   Event Nursing Officer (Casual) Wembley Stadium - organising, providing and supervising all medical cover at major sporting and music events across the complex

1995 – 1998   External Examiner for all Tissue Viability Modules - Thames Valley University, Reading

1997 - 1998    Nurse Consultant - Tissue Viability / Kinetic Therapy KCI Medical Ltd., Witney, Oxon

1997 – 2002   Honorary Nurse Consultant – Tissue Viability, Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust, Cambridgeshire

1998 – 2002   Nurse Consultant/Senior Lecturer - Tissue Viability, Centre for Research and Implementation of Clinical Practice (CRICP), Thames Valley University, London

2002 – Ongoing  Appointed Lead Nurse / Consultant - Tissue Viability, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

2003 – 2006   Appointed Lecturer/Practitioner – Tissue Viability (leader for Pressure Ulcer Modules) University of Nottingham

2003 – Ongoing   Appointed to various NICE Guideline Development Groups

2010 – Ongoing   Invited to act as a Professional Advisor (Tissue Viability and Wound Care) - on secondment – for the Royal College of Nursing and Midwifery (RCN) London'

2010 – Ongoing   Appointed as an External Examiner for the MSc – Skin Care Courses at the University of Hertfordshire

Research Profile:

1988-1992  Involved with data collection and analysis re: evaluative studies of the Pressure Sore Prediction Score (PSPS) with the original author – Peter Lowthian

1992  Undertook enquiry as published - 'Spells, potions and rituals'

1993 - Current   Involved with ongoing multi-centre national research and randomised clinical trials of both pressure reducing and pressure - relieving support surfaces, in addition to wound management materials, as clinical/principal investigator plus clinical evaluations of the same for both primary investigative and comparative purposes

2000 Involved in the interviewing/data collection process for the first Lymphoedema ‘epidemiological’ study undertaken within the United Kingdom. (Population drawn from one major NHS Healthcare trust – Wandsworth, South London, including St. George’s Hospital)

2001 Invited to be a principal investigator for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of VAC therapy (KCI) for the treatment and management of Pressure Ulcers. Note: Co-ordinator of the only British centre involved - other centres in the United States of America and Europe

2002 Invited to be a principal investigator for a European multi-centre randomised controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) for the treatment and management of Leg Ulcers. One of only four centres in the UK.

2005 Invited to be a principal investigator for a multi national/centre clinical trail of a newly developed compression therapy system prior to launch. One of only five centres in the United Kingdom.

2005 Commenced my PhD studies at Thames Valley University (London) ‘A prospective, stratified, cohort study to investigate if the calculation of a patients Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) as part of an assessment tool can be used to predict patients ‘at risk’ of developing heel pressure ulcers’

2006 Invited to be an investigator for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of a new TNP therapy and fluid delivery system (Smith and Nephew) for the treatment and management of a number of surgical wound types.                                       

Note: All of the above have been or will be reported in the form of an independent publication, verbal presentation and or poster presentation at an appropriate national / international conference, trust report and / or as manufacturers data (educational) and is therefore easily accessible.


Often invited to give lectures or run workshops at study days / conferences throughout the United Kingdom and Europe – organised both by commercial companies and Healthcare establishments / departments - encompassing a variety of aspects of Tissue Viability (theoretical and practical). Whenever possible, attend all the major Tissue Viability conferences as a delegate if not already involved as a speaker e.g.: European Wound Management Association (EWMA), European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EUPAP), Tissue Viability Society (TVS), Wounds UK (Harrogate)

Note: Since my appointment as Nurse Consultant – Tissue Viability, have acted as an ‘expert witness’ in many cases involving chronic wounds in particular. This has involved the writing of numerous reports and providing specialist advice to various Solicitors (representing either party) and the Health Service Ombudsman.

Special Achievements:

1985   Winner of the Mary Powell Orthopaedic Award (RNOH)

1986   Founder member of the Wound Care Society (UK)

1994   Initiated and organised the first "Current Concepts - Latest Thinking" Tissue Viability conference in Cambridgeshire - attracting delegates from all over the United Kingdom and Eire (now an annual event, except for 1997 and 1998)

1995   Instrumental in the development of a Tissue Viability course, expanding upon a module that had already been planned re: the Management of Patients with Leg Ulcers (ENB N18). Outcome – an educational course comprising of a core module plus three other modules entitled 'Aspects of Tissue Viability', widening the focus to include patients with Acute (ENB A49a) and Chronic (ENB A49c) Wounds, organised in conjunction with the Homerton School of Health Studies, Cambridge. (Invited to lecture in all modules of the same)

1997   Awarded Poster Prize for ‘A Nurses Companion to Leg Ulcer, Management’ EWMA Conference - Milan, Italy

1997 - 2002  Appointed Honorary Nurse Consultant – Tissue Viability, Hinchingbrooke Hospital NHS Trust, Cambridgeshire

2001 - ongoing  Invited to be an External Professional Advisor (Tissue Viability) for The Health Service Ombudsman – Office of the Health Service Commissioner for England

2001 - 2002  Programme Leader (Thames Valley University) for the BSc and Dip HE – Nursing by Distance Learning (Wound Care) Pathways

2001  Invited to participate in a fact-finding mission on behalf of The Royal College of Nursing (UK) and an International Charity(CSW) re: the needs of patients (Tissue Viability) who have suffered Spinal Injuries in Armenia (See also International Profile)

2003  First nurse within the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) to successfully complete The Extended Nurse Prescribing Course (Supplementary) undertaken at the Queens Medical Centre, University of Nottingham

2004  Winner of Journal of Wound Care/Tendra Scholarship for Experienced Practitioners and admitted to Tendra Wound Healing Academy (life membership)

2005  Winner of Smith and Nephew Foundation award to Doctoral Studies (£90,000.00) to support my PhD study (see research profile)

Publications list